3 steps to cope with quarantine mood

Hey friends,

Covid-19 has affected the lives of all of us in many different ways, both physically and psychologically. As I discussed our experiences with my girlfriends, I noticed a pattern that the energy to do stuff and to be on track has lowered since the quarantine. Now, after some restrictions are lifted, it is harder to get back and it creates frustration.

Here are my top 3 steps of how to cope with this "quarantine" mood:

1) First and furthermost, be kind to yourself and don't grind yourself. (Here we can finish already :))

This is suuuuuper important. JUST. BE. KIND. and accept of how you felt and feel right now. The opposite will lead you to nowhere, trust me. Even though it might seem effective in the beginning, it is like running engine without a fuel. It will stop eventually.

2) Evaluate your goals. Life constantly changes. When you reached kind steady emotional state, write down your goals and see how you feel about them. Do they give you butterflies in your stomach? Or it feels more like a heavy dead horse? Maybe it's time to cross some of them and write the new ones?

3) Start planning. When you have a good-feeling list of your goals, you can start small. As small as you comfortable are and see what already you can do. Today, maybe in this very moment. Each journey begins with one step. It can be small, but it's the intention that counts.


And in case something fails, see #1! This is a life (and mood) saver ;)





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